Any recommend good private doctor in KKH?

Hi all mums, this is my first pregnancy. I am with KKH under subsidised now and thinking switch to private doctor. Any recommendations good private doctor in KKH? Thank you in advance. #1stimemom #kkhpatient

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Hi Does anyone have taken vaccine? Can you plz recommend weather to take vaccine during pregnancy or not? I’m 22weeks now anyone have any experience? I know doctor recommended to have it but still wanted to know from some experienced mom to be.

3y ago

hii im currently 20 weeks plus and had the same feeling like urs too. I asked my friends and especially those who working in healthcare, they do not take the vaccine as they dont want to risk it. some of them advice to take after give birth but i think based on individual i guess. i still feel paranoid to take any vaccine now especially covid vaccine 😌

KT Tan is straight forward, fuss free and very experienced. Suzanna Sulaiman but earliest appointment with her is usually 5 mths later.

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Hi, my doctor is Dr Han and he’s very experience in this field. He work almost everyday. ☺️

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Dr Qi Maili! She is really sweet and soft spoken and able to answer all my queries!

I recommend Prof Han How Chuan.

Dr ho when yen. Cheerful.

Dr Jacqueline Jung - KKH

Dr John Tee in KKH.

Dr Ada Ng

3y ago

I second this! Dr Ada Ng is super nice and caring. She taught me ALOT too

Dr Chua 👍🏼