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Any mummy have a breech baby and it is my 1st time having it. I'm 30 weeks 3 days. My earliest birth is 32,35,37 and 39 weeks.

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Super Mum

There’s a saying by a very experienced midwife which goes - if you want the baby to move, move the mother. You could try spinning the baby with long walks and swimming or immersing yourself in water. You can also look up the 3 sisters of balance under the spinning babies website and do the positions which they recommend. There are also other natural methods such as acupuncture, moxibustion and chiro or craniosacral therapy.

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Mine was still breech at 32 weeks. Her next scan was at 35 weeks and she was already head down. I delivered her full-term 40 weeks via emergency c-sect cause she was 3.7kg and didn’t engage even after 10cm dilation. Talk to your baby more, pujuk her to turn. Can also try to urut. Good luck! 🥰

I gave birth to my breech baby 2months back and She was still breech at 34 weeks. Before the next scan i tried moving, walking and traditional massage to get her to turn but unfortunately she decided not too and i opted for a schedule c-sect on my 38weeks. 😊

Do you have frequent toilet break and diarrhea?