33weeks 3days (C section mum)

Hi mummy can advice what i need to do before do C-section , and i will going deliver birth at kkh by C section Any mummy C section in kkh? How long the during section and do you get anesthesia any allergies? #1stimemom #advicepls #pregnancy #JustMoms

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Hello! I did c section as well but it was at 32 weeks as I had twins. From my exp, I had to be given 2 steroid jabs within a span of 24 hours as it would help the baby’s lungs. If you are to receive this, do be prepared for the pain! On the day of the surgery, you just need to go to the day surgery clinic and the nurses will ask if you have any allergies to any medication. They will also ask you to drink a really really sour medicine, can’t recall whats that for hahha. You then will wait to be called by the porter. They will bring you to the operation theatre and there you will change your clothes and wait for a doctor/surgeon. S/he will go through the procedure with you. For me, I had spinal blockers. It’s a very fast and swift injection at your spine. If spinal blockers aren’t for you, you have an option to opt for epidural. Spinal blockers will help to numb you from your chest all the way to your toes. A catheter (urine tube) will be inserted. The surgery is fast as well, 10-15 mins. If baby is okay, they will let the baby be with you for a few mins, if not they will further evaluate your baby. After the surgery, they will bring you to the post delivery room, where you will wait out for the spinal blocker to wear off. Once you’re able to feel from your chest to your abdomen, you’ll be transported to your ward. Your plus one will be able to follow you if s/he were to be waiting for you outside the operating theatre. You’d have to fast 8 hours post surgery as you won’t be able to walk to go to the toilet yet. On the second day post surgery, the doctors will evaluate your incision, if all is good, try your hardest to walk! It will definitely hurt but it will definitely lead to a faster recovery. Do remember to get yourself a binder if possible, as it will really help to reduce the pain. You can always get it at the pharmacy at kkh. Good luck to you mama and be strong 💪 Congratulations to you and excited for you to see your little one soon! Just relax as much as you can before the surgery, you’ll need a lot of rest before your little one comes home with you 😉

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