16 weeks and feeling nothing

Hi Mummies, Please advise as I am little worried. I am 16 weeks pregnant but I don’t feel any movement. This is worrying me as I have read that you can start feeling some movements in 16th week of pregnancy. Is this normal? #firsttimemom #firstbaby

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Hello, don’t fret! I’m a FTM too and only felt some fluttering around 16w4d. But obvious movements were only felt from 19w onwards. It differs for every individual but you should feel baby’s movements by 22w. Hang in there, you will feel baby move soon! :)

2mo ago

Thank you :)

I am at 23 weeks and still feeling nothing 😅 my gyane checks all normal and baby moving quite a bit on ultrasound. I guess it depends on how sensitive mummies are to such movements too? anyways not to worry too much if your check ups are fine so far.

2mo ago

Yeah checks have been fine so far

Hi, it is possible to feel movement but not all mummies feel it at this point. More commonly, people feel movement only at 20 weeks onwards. I only felt mine at 19 weeks. So don’t worry. The movements will come.

2mo ago

Thank you. I was getting worried as this is my first pregnancy :)


not really mummy, I felt my baby's movement 17 weeks... not to worry slowly you can feel

2mo ago

Thanks a lot :) I was worried

Hello! Just wanna tell you it's normal :) I only felt baby at around 22++ weeks I think!

2mo ago

Got it :)

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I only start feeling at week 26 onwards… don’t worry it’s normal..

2mo ago

Okay thank you so much :)

I felt movements at 21weeks, nothing to worry about ☺️

Don’t worry!! Check in with ur gynae regularly :)

I could feel my bb movement clearly at 19 weeks.

2mo ago

Yup, the previous weeks just feel like a wave or butterfly haha.. Unclear.

it's normal, I felt baby moments by 20th week,

2mo ago

Okie :) That is good to know