Exhausted from pumping

Hi mummies I'm a ftm at 22.. and I'm exclusively pumping bc i couldnt get the hang of latching my LO on and i was getting frustrated so i opted for bottle feeding n pumping. I'm getting very tired from the pumping!! and because of being so tired i do miss my pumping time and end up with engorgement... which rly hurts!!!!! and now i find myself having to pump every 1.5h - 2h which leaves me with little to no sleep/rest... any advice from mummies? also any idea how to slow down my milk production?? and stop engorgement??

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i am mostly EP too, same issue that baby not very good in latching. so hes a bottle fed baby but i still get him to latch everyday cos he can clear my blockages

2y ago

how u get him to latch? mine doesnt want to latch anymore after being bottle fed