90+ pulse rate at 26th week of pregnancy

Hi Mummies, I generally get a pulse rate of 90+ bpm. Is it normal ? I don’t feel any anxiety or restlessness and my Blood pressure is normal too. Currently I am 25 weeks 3 days pregnant Any mummies facing the same ? #pleasehelp #firstbaby

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Hi mummy, Heart rate of 60-90bpm is normal range. For pregnant ladies can be higher up to 100+- bpm due to growing baby in us, our body works harder to pump blood flow to both mummy n baby. Therefore is fine to have slightly higher heart rates. Furthermore, we are more anxious and more concerned for our own health to protect our baby. The mummy hormones is in us😊. I remember i asked my husband to check my temperature, blood pressure and heart rate everyday 😝. Is that nervous . So don’t worry, enjoy your pregnancy journey ya.

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12mo ago

Thank you so much babe :) What a great reply to put my mind at ease

it’s normal.. sometimes mine goes past 100. if i walk a bit then it goes to even 130 but it’s all good. your body is just working harder to pump the blood

12mo ago

Ah! Thanks for putting my mind at ease :) I was worried that why my resting pulse rate is 90+

i would say don’t worry so much. is there any reason you are so particular about your bp?

12mo ago

No reason. Just heard that BP should be in control during pregnancy hence so check it at home regularly. That is when I see that the pulse rate is 90+. I read about it and it says that it is normal because your body pumps 50% more blood during pregnancy but just wanted to ask here as well

Yep very normal! My resting heart rate is at 100+ since pregnancy. Rarely see 2 digits now

12mo ago

Hahah okay got it.