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Hi mummies who are working, which IFC did you send your child to and how much did you have to pay for your baby’s Infant Care Fee ? Is it the first month need to pay full amount ? And for subsequent month how much did you pay ? Noted we can use cda but want to know the amount #advicepls #firsttimemom

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I send to Skoolz4Kidz and I paid about $2k plus this is inclusive of Insurance fee for 1 year, 1 month registration and 1 month deposit fee. All in all I paid through CDA. I enroll in August. So for now September will be the same. After ECDA approved basic subsidy and special approval subsidy then they will revised the final amount. This subsidy hasnt include non working mum subsidy/working mum subsidy. All subsidies for basic/special approval are subject to ECDA. Therefore all amount differs.

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I sent mine to My First Skool, fee is $1.3k before subsidy. There is basic subsidy of $600 which I think all working parents will get, and some additional subsidy based on your income level. I am only paying about $300 from CDA monthly after subsidy. First month need to pay full amount, then subsequent months they will revise once the subsidy application is approved.

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Cambridge. 2k plus inclusive of reg fee, ins and 1 mth school fee, pay using cash, subsequent school fee then pay use cda. Deposit about 1,8k will be collected 2 weeks before school start.