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Hi mummies who are under NUH subsidized, do u mind sharing your experiences during and after labour? Etc: ur stay, the nurses. Thank you! #1stimemom #firstbaby

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Hello! I gave birth as a sub patient there twice. 10 years apart and both experiences were amazing! I personally feel that the waiting time in Clinic G is shorter than in KKH. I gave birth there too. And if you're lucky, you'll get to see the same gynae over & over again like I did! I had a complication with my recent pregnancy. And the gynaes were amazing. Eventhough under sub, I felt like I was well taken care of. During labour, 2 gynaes attended to me. Never happened before. And again, they were so amazing! So gentle and very knowledgable. I was admitted 4 days earlier before the labour happened and I was under them all that time. I was admitted in the HDU right after birth and again, they came over to make sure I was doing ok when they should have not. It was really a pleasant experience for me! My baby was in the NICU & SCN and the nurses there took really good care of him until we both were discharged home. I hugged them and said my thanks. I was really touched.

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