Spectra or hegen breast pump?

Hi mummies which is a better option

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I just bought hegen yesterday. they had such a good deal at mummy market & i feel that its really compact and there is also a massage setting too. rlly great deal for me and ive seen few ppl use it too.

5mo ago

It was $495. You get a free breastfeeding workshop, free tote bag + other accessories! Maybe u can check out medela too. But i heard medela is quite noisy? I generally want something that is aesthetic, not noisy, doesn’t take up too much space & something for home use in the future. The device itself can fit into a small bag. The hegen bottles can stack and save space. U shld go head down to mummy market and just browse through and learn more. I choose hegen also because their consultants are super informative too.

I only tried spectra S2. It’s good for home use. But I could’ve saved that money and just use haakaa silicone breast pumps lol. Even more efficient