Any mummies using Hegen milk bottles ? Is it good ?

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I have tried Philip Avent Classic, Dr brown, Tommee Tippee, Pigeon and Hegen and so far Pigeon and hegen is the easiest for LO to drink. By easy I mean there is almost no spill from mouth and the teat don’t collapse and not so hard. However between pigeon and hegen, hegen still best as you are able to use it to air tight storage dried food by purchasing their caps or use it as water bottle if you buy the 330ml one. So it’s easy and versatile.

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Yep, good! And it’s the only bottle my #2 accepts 🤦🏻‍♀️ I bought their complete starter kit, suitable from newborn onwards. They have smaller teats and bottles for newborn stage. Then ask your child grows, you can change to a bigger teat and bottle. Can purchase from supermom website now, free delivery and 8% cashback.

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Easy to assemble (saves time and effort), easy to wash thoroughly and easy for husband too! The slow flow teat was too slow for LO in her 1st 6 weeks; we upgraded her to medium flow ones subsequently.

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Both my children using Hegen. Not only baby, mommy also can use, by changing the cover only..

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Yup its easy to open n close.. but my kids take it the same as my other pigeon bottles also

Yup definitely! Its multifunctional and also able to operate it using just 1 hand only. :)

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My bb who started refusing bottle rejected Hegen too. The teats are very soft.

Hi, Yes many of my friends are using it and it is very easy to use for kids


Easy for cleaning The bottle can be use for storage

so far mine is taking well.. easy to open and close