When can doctor induce labor?

Hi mummies, tmr the 24th is my appointment. And my EDD is 25th. Doctor told me last week during appointment that I'm 1cm dilated. What will happen tmr during my appointment? Since I'm only 1 day apart from my due date, would they admit be or ask me options if i want to induce or would the doctor ask me to wait longer for labour to naturally happen?#pleasehelp #advicepls #1stimemom #firstbaby #pregnancy

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I tink it depends on whether u hv any complications or etc. I had GD so my gynae did say if i didnt pop before my edd, he will induce me on my edd..

6mo ago

if I have no complications, will doctor still admit me or agree to induce labour or ask me to wait till labor begin naturally for me? I just can't wait to pop baby out already! I've been having Braxton Hicks for weeks. and gynae told me previous week I'm 1cm dilated. I'm not sure if I'm dilated more now. I should check with my gynae today during appointment. But I really feel like inducing my labour it would be a faster process. since I'm already 40 weeks tmr the 25th.