Daughter hand

Hi mummies, something on my daughter hand. Went to PD but the doctor didn't check it properly and he said that its normal and it will go away but her hand have been like this going to 2 weeks plus . does anyone know what is this or experience this before? Isit a normal rashes or ? On the 2nd pics is before few days its happening.

Daughter hand
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Looks like eczema as I had similar before when moving to live in Asia after living in the drier Australia most of my life. If it’s itchy and scratched, the lumps and itch will spread and become inflamed and itchier without limits. I suggest to put on some oats water (boiled oats with the water separated and kept in fridge cold to apply). It’s natural and healthy for the skin and can contain rashes or itchiness. For the eczema it will subside by itself after body regulates itself with the help of sometimes camomile cream (doc suggests) or my oats water method :) no harm trying!

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Looks like bed bugs rash to me but not sure. Maybe it’s the material of the bed that’s why not going away? Not sure tho

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looks serious. better go to another PD