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Hi mummies, any reviews on loveamme, spectra S1 and baby express breast pumps? FTM here. Thank you!

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Loveamme is not that fantastic. For its price point we'd expect a better quality one but in the span of 1 year, I've had to have the pump exchanged twice due to failure of its product (battery issues, suction issues that's not related to parts). Worst thing? No repairing works, only 1 to 1 exchange so buy at your own risk as you only can use it for 1 year. Lousy quality for high price.

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Loveamme is NOT good. I tried it and had to get a new one. Medella is mad over priced, and so is hegen. So do skip! Suggest for you to go for spectra s1 for daily use and mamaschoice as your spare, leave in the car / office pump. This is what I did

I actually really liked LoveAmme. I tried both the travel size and the custom pro. I LOVED the custom pro. The travel one is perfect for pumping at work. I found the phalanges super comfy. Medela is my preferred one overall though.