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Hello mummies 🤍 Can recommend what are the things that i should buy for my baby? I’m a first time mummy here & might missed out the things. And also, can recommend me what kind of stroller should i get? Thank you! #1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls

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Hello mummy! I’d actually advise to buy along the way instead. I realized I bought too many stuffs which I ended up not using. It may not suit everyone, I’m just sharing what I’m using. ☺️ 1. UV steriliser (Optional, but saved me a lot of time!) 2. Cetaphil baby wash & lotion 3. NUK oral wipes 4. Aloe vera ESI gel / Thomson’s baby bottom balm (Diaper creams) 5. Cotton balls (for face or if don’t use wet wipes, for bumbum as well.) 6. Wet wipes (Optional if you’re intending to use cotton balls to clean bum) 7. A lot of hankerchiefs for shower & spit ups. 8. Bath tub 9. Nasal aspirator, Nail cutter/file 10. Liquid cleanser (If you have bottles/pump parts) I’m not sure if your baby is out yet, but prepare some alcohol wipes to clean the belly button (cord) till it drops off. I’m using Keenz, huge storage but definitely not the lightest. But still, it’s a good stroller 😂

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1. A few pieces of 0-3, the rest just get 3-6. They outgrow quickly. 2. Consider socks and a few pairs of mittens. Depending on comfort level, my LO was off mittens at 1.5M. 3. 3-4 swaddles to rotate or incase or spit ups. (Depending on LO too, I stopped swaddling since day 3 cause she doesn’t like it.) 4. Get long sleeves for night wear. Also, depending on how often you wash, get enough for spit ups & daily use. (8-9 to be safe if you wash once a week) LO can wear romper onesies in the day. 5. 5-10 pieces burp cloths. (Can find those bundles on shopee) 6. For me, I change every 2 days and wash laundry once a week, so I have 6 towels. Most of her clothings are hand-me-down, I still buy clothings if I see cute designs. 😋 if you can’t control yourself like me then get bigger sizes 😂 I bought 6-9 months…..