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Hi mummies, can recommend a backpack for my 18 month old for child care? I have no idea what to pack yet as she is entering in end aug but i will to prepare everything in advance. Is skiphop backpack too big ? #1stimemom

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I actually didn’t purposely get a new backpack for child care but used my jujube to store the necessity. The centre should advise u what to pack. Other than the usual diapers, milk powder and bottle etc..Mine require to bring pillow case, mattress cover and blanket too. Best to ask the centre as may differ for all. Hope this helps.☺️

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my boy is at MFS, daily packing include • diapers 5pcs • 1 set uniform • 1 x towel - no shower now, just incase he vomit and teacher will bath him • milk - formula and bottle or packet milk • water bottle • communication 📖 I bought him 🎒from smiggle you can ask teacher for daily packing list

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school will usually provide a packing list. skip hop should be fine