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Hi mummies. Need some advice. Usually, the second trimester will start at week 14, am I right? I wonder why my pharmacy staff told me that I could start eating obimin at week 12. Isn't it too early to start? #1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls #pregnancy #pleasehelp

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my gynae (who is like super experienced with like 25 years+ exp) also started me on obimin at week 12. I guess doctors will usually assess based on your needs :)

12mo ago

i see i see alright thank you dear 😊

It shld be ok if it's under gynae's instructions. I took it starting frm wk 10 as I was afraid tt I didn't get enough vitamins frm my food (not really a vege eater).

12mo ago

i see i see. Same goes to me. I used to love eating vege but after i got pregnant, i cant seem to eat vege anymore. Btw do u stop folic acid too once u consume obimin?