29 weeks Pregnancy

Hi mummies! Just need to ask. Currently Im 29weeks+. And today i pass motion 3 times but only the 2nd and 3rd time it was like loose stool. Im scared that I would pass motion again. If it happens should I go to A&E? #advicepls

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If you are worried i tink gd to c one. Last week (at wk 29), i had diarrhoea (super watery one) twice when i was outside. Ended up dunno what happen, both ears blocked, sudden black out in front of a shop and started gasping for air. However i didnt see a doctor since i felt better after drinking some water. My diabetes doc said i shld update my gynae and so i Tried to call my gynae the next day but his clinic asst told me to monitor but did not get him to call me back.

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