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Hi mummies, my LO is 7 months old and has been drinking breastmilk since birth, I would like to introduce formula milk , so would be appreciated if mummies can recommend formula milk which is closest to breastmilk Thank you!

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Super Mum

Hi Christina, To be honest, hmmm, nothing quite like breastmilk - and this is coming from a mama who has used formula for supplementing so I can relate to your decision making process… I kinda tried hypoallergenic brands and organic ones because I wasn’t sure if I passed on my allergies to my babies. But do make the switch gradual. If baby shows no signs of indigestion or doesn’t react badly to the milk then should be okay :) Hope this helps

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I use nan ha interchangeably with bm. But honestly, the taste is very different. Bm is kinda sweet , while nan ha is a little bitter. Just trial and error and see which one ur LO accept

6mo ago

Hello! Thanks for the advice :)

Hi Jamielene, Thanks for the advice ❤️ will research about it 😁