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Hey all mummies! Would like to know how's everyone coping with being a mum, and whether you have any help at home! My husband and I are doing it all on our own and we're struggling with the lack of sleep, not knowing exactly whether we're doing things right. Not sure what we're going to do when we go back to work, would appreciate if you could share your situations 🥲☺️ and any tips and if we should get help! #help #firstbaby #tips #mummy #firstbaby

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I’m not sure how old is your LO but as FTP, first 2 months were the hardest for us. The nonstop waking up, short pump time intervals almost drove me crazy. I barely had 4 hours of sleep daily. Subsequently she picks up a routine and it’s actually less tedious and tiring now. I usually do the household chores when baby is asleep. I am a SAHM so help only comes at 7pm when hubby is back. He will shower her then I’ll feed and put her to bed. After that we will have our dinner. Night feeds are mostly done by me since I need to wake up to pump, but if I’m too tired and it’s not pump time, I will wake my hub to feed. Baby trained me to sleep less and changed my sleeping routine to sleep early wake up early. My body pretty much got used to sleeping lesser compared to her nb days. Since I am a SAHM, I don’t sleep train her. But you may want to consider sleep training your baby if both of you needs to head back to work. Hang in there mama!! 💪🏻

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