Hi mummies , would like to ask what is the best age to send your son to circumcise and which clinic is the best with CDA approved in the west ?? Do I have to book an appointment ?#pleasehelp #advicepls

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My son went to NUH at 8 yrs old. Fully covered by Medisave. Stitches fully healed in 2 weeks. There's really no right or wrong age to circumcise your boy. While I prefer for my boy to be older, some prefers when they're still a baby. Really up to you.

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Hi there. Had my boys circumcised when they were about 1mth plus at Sidek Clinic for Women. You can make an enquiry here

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11mo ago

is the doctors good there ? how is the payment ? my second born is a boy and my first born is a girl so I'm quite unsure Abt circumcision for my son