Instant noodles guilt

Hi mummies, I’ve been eating instant noodles at night (not everyday of course) because of hunger pangs, and I’m feeling quite guilty! But sometimes it’s too late and there’s no time or food to prepare fresh noodles. What’s your relationship with instant noodles and how do you handle late night hunger pangs? #advicepls #firsttimemom #help

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Hello first time mum, don't worry u r not alone. Almost all mothers experience this however it is good to munch on something healthy although there will be few cheat days. It is better to avoid the ones with preservatives or highly processed food till delivery. I used to toast a bread and eat with peanut butter. Sometimes I will eat nuts and dry fruits. I also used to keep digestive biscuits which are rich in fibre and filling too. Keep cut veggies in fridge ready, if you really feel hungry you can add cheese, olive oil, tomato sauce or any salad sauce of your choice and eat it raw or can stuff in bread/wrap and eat.

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throw in an egg some veggies & meat if you have them lying around for a more nutritious & filling meal if you can! Can’t be avoided if you gotta eat in the middle of the night or try getting pre-packet noodles / udon for a ‘better’ choice :)

You can have crackers with milk or bread with a slice of cheese so that you satisfy the hunger and get some calcium too

I will make effort to buy some bread, cereal bars, fruits, milk to keep for late nights hungers.

I ate it sometimes and was happily satisfied. I would add egg and cheese into it.

I had some cereal, those in sachets