How to minimise stretch marks

Hi mummies! I’ve been diligently applying Clarins tonic oil and body partner since 2nd tri but i think my baby grew too fast and i have increasing stretch marks at my under belly ): will it get better? I am still applying but it seems to increase as I’m in 3rd tri. #pleasehelp #pregnancy

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I’ve been applying Palmer’s Tummy Butter since the early stage of my 2nd trim too but the marks still do appear (I have a lot and they are very obvious too)! I was worried that it wouldn’t go away initially either but hubby coaxed to look on the brighter side: We’ve got to be proud for the marks mommy! We carried and grew life inside of us - an opportunity that not everyone else is given 😉

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I totally regretted scratching my stretchmarks 🥲 My stretch marks started appearing at 38 weeks I was so upset because I was diligently applying it since week 5 😭 Some stretchmarks appeared on my thighs and bum AFTER I gave birth….. But yeah…. Just carry on and apply and don’t fret over it. If it appears, it appears 😔

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9mo ago

I feel you!! I have been doing so everyday too but in late 2nd tri it started appearing and getting worse…. Hope Clarins can help to minimise the stretch marks (;

You're not alone. I thought I had only one stretch mark appearing on my lower belly but it gets worse. I'm not too worried since Clarins body partner is a good and recommended product and long as my baby is growing healthy all that stretch marks is well worth it. Stay hydrated and keep moisturizing!

9mo ago

Yeahh i just thought i didn’t apply on the under belly enough and hope Clarins can minimise it!! Thank you mummy!

I applied Clarins as well, my stretch marks were mild at belly button area I believe cos I keep scratching! other than that I have no other stretch mark, so rmb DONT SCRATCH 🤣

9mo ago

Too late 🥲 i think i scratched in 2nd tri that’s why!! It started getting itchy and now my under belly has… hope Clarins will minimise it!!

I heard it’s dependent on your genetics too, some people just don’t get stretch marks. But I recommend to keep your skin moist and staying hydrated!

actually I tried using Palmers as well as Clarins... I learnt that Palmers works better on my skin. you can try switching or using a combination of both 😉

9mo ago

I'm using more of palmer now after noticing stretch marks appearing...

I heard if you have means you have it no matter how much you apply. For my first born I didn’t have it but my second born I have it

9mo ago

Oh no… 😢 okay hope it will minimise in time to come!