Braxton Hicks/thightening

Hello mummies, I'm in my 28 week. I have been getting frequent braxton hicks/tightening a few times of the day... isit normal? My 2nd pregnancy but I don't remember feeling it this early... 1st pregnancy felt it at around 34 week >

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Hello mummy! How frequent is frequent? Like how many mins apart? Or hours? But if few times a day is normal. If too frequent like keep coming few mins apart u may want to check or call the hospital. I had very frequent BH when I got into my 2nd trimester. Never felt like that before with my previous pregnancies. Turns out I was actually having constant contractions which does not feel painful like the real thing.

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I’m also on 27 weeks like you, been feeling contractions which I identify as BH from week 26…like once a day. Now is more frequently like twice daily. got a bit worried as I’m not yet in 3rd trimester. But I guess reading up more online abt it helps. Seems normal. Will double check w my gynae when i see him next week.

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