KKH 28 week scan 3d/4d

Hi mummies!! I’m a FTM & i will be having my first 3rd trimester scan in 2 weeks’ time which i’ll be 28 weeks then. May I know during the growth scan, do doctors/nurses let us see a 3D/4D scan instead of the normal 2D scan or we must request in advanced? I’m a subsidised patient anyway. #advicepls

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Can you share your experience after the scan? I m now week 16 . Saw older posts, some said it cost $260 (not sure if the price is still the same), KKH only offers during week 26 to week 30, the post said call to make appointment. Maybe you call to check.

2y ago

Yes, sure! My previous scanning was only to check bb’s heartbeat but before that, there was a 20th week detailed scan! Thank you, i will check again. Appreciate it alot😊

Sonographer told me kkh doesn’t do 3D/4D scans. you’ll have to head to a private clinic if u want it

Only 2D scan for kkh all the way unless you request and pay for it. It wont be subsidised rate.

2y ago

I see.. thank you! Do you know roughly how much the 3D/4D scan will be? ☺️

Hello, kkh dont do 3D/4D. Wanted to do it, but they say i have to head down to private clinics

2y ago

Thank you! Did you went to the private clinic to the 3D/4D scan?

Pretty sure for 3D & 4D scans, you need to pay for it. I doubt it will be subsidised 😊

2y ago

Thank you! Do you know roughly how much? ☺️