Baby cry when carried by me

Hi mummies, I'm a first time mum but don't know why my newborn always cries when I carry her. Is it common? I feel rejected by my own baby. Only my confinement nanny and helper can sooth her. #pleasehelp #firstbaby

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spend more time and carry baby more frequent after you rested. so the baby won't cry about a day when nanny left. baby needs to feel safe and secure. so we must try to be calm. I sling carry my baby alot (2nd child) once she turned 3 months old, just walk for 5min and she fall asleep soundly.

Same here. She was golden with my mum and my DH. She’d howl with me. And there was no significant difference in the way we held her. One of the nurses at the clinic told me babies bully moms most. I don’t know if that’s true. But it definitely got better with time!

hi mummy! this was the same for me! i get that we all want to bond and carry with our bb but try to get as much rest as possible during confinement. it will be a natural thing with your bb once the nanny leaves. don't be too upset about this ya

It happened to me too as CN was more experienced and know how to handle bb. But after CN left and with more time spent with my bb, he starts to realize I’m his mummy! So don’t feel sad, your bb will know you after some time

Keep trying. Babies will always remember who their mum is. I had similar experience at the start but now that my kid is 14 months.. he will always choose me over my helper or his dad.

babies can feel what the mummy is feeling. if you're stress, the baby can feel it. you need to calm down love.

it might also be because baby can smell the breastmilk and fusses.