A1 or b1? Fickle minded #1sttimemum

Hi mummies. Im due in a few weeks time but i still contemplating to choose ward (kkh) A1 or B1. I do have a budget for A1 but idk sometimes certain things got me thinking like is it neccessary to choose A1 and go for B1 instead? I do want my husband to be by my side the whole day but at the same time i feel like maybe u just need 1 night stay? But of coz u wouldnt know ur condition on that day also.Hmm 🤯#1stimemom #firstbaby

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Take A1 if permits. I will choose A1 again because I want my husband to be with me and best to stay 2nights because jaundice level is at its peak after the 3rd day or so. So it is very important to stay monitored in the hospital first. I feel there was alot of privacy with A1 and it felt more like a staycay except that you will be in pain. Haha

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11mo ago

hahah thanks i will take note of that too. anyway how much is ur total bill after 2 nights stay and also how much is ur total bill after delivery and cpf deduction but minus of the deposit part. im actually quite concern the total cost of the bill after delivery 🤕

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If u hve the means just take A ward.. first time u wudnt really know what to do so its best to have ur husb to assist if u nd anythin or at least help w the baby so u can rest

11mo ago

alright sure thank you. Will take note of that too 👍🏻