Brownish discharge with small clots - is it normal?

Hello mummies! I’m currently at 6W2D, and realised this morning that I have some brownish discharge with small reddish clots - wondering if this is normal? A little worried/ paranoid as this is my first pregnancy, and also particularly concerned as I’m considered obese and I’m not sure if it will cause additional risks :( Am scheduled to go for my first appointment at KKH in 2 days. Would it be safe to wait till then to inform the gynae, or should I see a doctor now? Appreciate any advice. Thank you everyone!

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Hello Merrily, we are almost on the same week, I also just had red then turn brown discharge last night, let me know if everything is alright when you see the gynae because I think my (private) gynae is a salesman and I don’t wna go down for an appointment that cost me $250😅

2mo ago

Great! Jiayou 😁

2 days can wait.. is it filling up a panty liner?

2mo ago

Thank you! 🥲 Feeling more reassured and less worried now.