Duphaston in 1st trimester

Hi mummies! I’m almost 7 weeks and recently went to the gynae to do a transvaginal ultrasound. I had a chemical pregnancy 8 months ago and am now having a healthy pregnancy with no bleeding and strong fetal heartbeat. However gynae still prescribed me Duphaston, is it okay not to take it? Thank you very much in advanced! #firstbaby

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I feel if gynae prescribe anyting (esp during 1st trimester where a preg is most unstable) , its better to take cos there is a reason they give. But best to double check with ur doc ur concerns esp if he/she not aware of ur prev chemical pregnancy? Me first preg and 38yo, so anyting doc says I follow 😅

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I had a previous miscarriage and was prescribed the same for my pregnancy. the hormones helps stabilise the pregnancy to prevent miscarriage. my boy is now 3yrs old. I am now expecting my second child and was given the same again. it is safe to take but the side effect is increased nausea.

hello ! it’s ok to eat duphaston even with no bleeding. ☺️ if you don wan to take you need to check with gynae if it’s ok. but if gynae prescribed it i think can just follow 🤪

it's better to take it! I was prescribed duphaston too because I have history of miscarriages! the duphaston is supporting the pregnancy:) and prevent miscarriage

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It’s fine to take, esp from a gynae. I was given the same prescription from week 4-6 to support the pregnancy. I’m now 31 weeks along..

it’s even better if you take it. the hormones still help ensure the pregnancy is healthy. i took it every day until first trim

You can check with your gynae but I took it all through first trimester to prevent miscarriage