Lower right back pain

Hi mummies! I'm on my 9th week and I'm having quite painful lower right back pain when I walk. Especially after getting up. Is this normal?#1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls

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Yes, it's normal to have back pain or hip bone pain in first trimester. Only 20% women suffer this kind of hip bone pain. Every women have different body and different pregnancy symptoms. As lot of changes are happening inside our body. Don't do any physiotherapy or exercise. Just put ice pack on pain area. I was also suffering hip bone pain in my 9th week. Couple of weeks it hurts me, now all pain has gone with some rest and ice pack. If you do any rigorous activities in this situation it may last upto 9 months of pregnancy. Take care..

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I had back pain too, but maybe a couple of weeks later. check with gynae if u have retroverted womb, could be a cause. or ur sitting position

Back pain is normal. But to experience back pain at 9th week is a bit too early. Might wanna check with gynae. Have a good rest!

I did not experience back pain during my first trimester. However, please take care and inform your OB about it. :)

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Normal! I experienced backpain i my first trimester too. Do inform your gynae abt ur backpain :)

9 weeks to experience back pain don't seem normal? it is better to check w dr. play safe

Mine was anterior placenta so my back actually hurts quite often n gynae said its normal

Back pain is a normal,

its normal