Braxton hicks or??

Hi mummies. Im at 36 weeks and im having frequent contractions in like every 10 mins that will last for abt 30 secs - a min. It doesnt hurt, so i suspect its just braxton hicks but should i be worried cos of the frequency intervals? Not sure if should i head to the hospital! Any advices?? #1stimemom

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Best to call the hospital's delivery suite. I had very frequent braxton hicks at 35 weeks which also does not hurt but my waterbag leaked so I went down to the hospital. Turns out I was having frequent contractions but I was not dilated. Felt weird & shocked cos that was not my 1st pregnancy so I know how contractions pain feel like.

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4mo ago

No. Gynae didn't allowed me to deliver cos I was not dilating so I was admitted for observation until I had a fever on the 3rd day of stay which end up in a preterm birth. Best to call the hospital and let them know how you're feeling.