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Hi mummies , I’m 27 weeks pregnant, however I only eat when I feel hungry . Recently I can eat 1 full meal a day and eat something light ( eg. A soup ) for the evening . Is it okie ? #abnormal

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Just eat whatever you want and whenever you feel like! Dont need listen to those BALANCED diet nonsense! I can go off without eating for 2 days! Sometimes 1 meal a day! Baby came out all healthy and fat! 3.5kg and hit milestones earlier than most babies! Do what you feel like doing! Dont listen to other people opinion! Most people eat balanced diet and healthy diet all but end up mother gain all the weight baby only 2.6-3kg

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You need to get balanced meal. Because you and your baby need more nutrition . Try to have small meal more often. Though you are not feeling hungry

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me too at times 😁