Spicy food. Heart burn.

Hi mummies . I regret eat spicy food, then i feel heartburn & pass motion with blood. Only happen once. Should i be concern? #advicepls

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if its not from your vagina, not to worry much. during pregnancy we often get constipated and need to strain alot when trying to pass motion. this can cause rectal bleeding which is normal .. happened to me twice .. all okay after a day or so .. if bleeding comes from your vagina, then u might want to tell your gynae .. heartburn also very normal, spicy food or not spicy most of the time you still get heartburn .. i eat healtily, i still get heartburn . however best to reduce spicy food .. :)

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can you confirm is the blood from vagina or with the stools? if it’s stools, then most likely not drinking enough water. stools probably quite hard and burst some blood vessels