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Hi mummies! I've some questions which I need answers as I'm a noob when it comes to pumping. 1. Do I put the suction to the highest when I do power pump or lowest? 2. How often do I need to do it in a day? 3. And how many times should I wash my pump? Like once a day? Or after every use? #advicepls

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My experience: 1) depend on your breast and yourself. Not always the highest or lowest is correct, cause sometime might unablw to pump out or hurt your nips. 2) for me i do one time as i being occupied with my little one 3) i wash and sterilise every use

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1y ago

I did not and only hand express after every pump to see if I still can squeeze some milk out. I use to yield atleast 30-50ml but nowadays only 10ml.

1) depends on you and your letdowns 2) to maintain your supply, at least 6 times a day. But if you’re a new mum, still building your supply, suggest 8 times a day 3) put in fridge after each use and wash once a day

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1y ago

Don’t be depressed and stressed out. That could actually decrease your supply. As for letdowns, I can’t advise much cause I have slow letdowns too!

To save the hassle, after every pump i will put the parts in the fridge. I will only wash and sterilise the parts at the end of the day.

1y ago

I see. Okay noted on that & thank you. The noob me wash after every use and it's so exhausting! 😅