How long more to the delivery after the baby engaged?

Hi mummies! I am now 33+3. These few days I happen to walk quite alot cz of my work. Recently I feel my belly drop, need more trips to washroom, easily numb in my pelvic area after a short walk about 10-15 mins of walking or standing only, baby still move quite alot feel like he always like to stretch. Also, there was someone told me that my tummy looks low alrd and should expect the delivery may happen in approx 2-4 weeks from now. Just wondering is it really the sign that the delivery will be quite soon from now? Normally how long more do mummies give birth after all these things happen? I'm worried that might have a pre-term. Thank you! #firstpregnancy

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my 2nd bb looks rather low in my tummy at 33 weeks plus n I pop 35.5 weeks in surprise...

10mo ago

3 days in nicu... 2 issue. 1st one is to have some oxygen support at 21% for 2 days. 2nd issue is glucose level was around 2 plus 3 point. passable point is 4 and gotta maintain.. so they have to monitor every feeding with blood test. initially he couldn't digest milk n cant latch on due to tubes in his mouth n nose.. but after that ok.. now he's almost 3 mths... about 5.8kg. born was 2.67kg