Recommendations on breast pump and bottle sterilizer

hello mummies! i would need some recommendations on breast pump and bottle sterilizer! Currently a first time mum, and not sure which is good and useful! would like to hear ur reviews below! thank you :) #firsttimemom #advicepls #firstbaby #helps

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I used the Spectra S1 pump, suction is good, battery life is good. The down side is that it is not portable. I didn't get a portable pump as I don't pump at work or when I'm outside, I only pump at home so it's fine for me. As for sterilizer, I'm using steam sterilizer + dryer from Dr. Brown with my Hegen bottles.

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2mo ago

Do you guys buy the pump after confirming you have milk or before?

Bottle sterilizer there are 2 types - steam + dry or UV sterilizer. For me i prefer UV sterilizer cos anything u want to sterilize all can put in and sterilized. My friend ever put in teethers/pacifier/breast bump in. Looking at haenim brand. But of cos UV is more exp.

Spectra s1 for breast pump and baby express be free worked for me then too. I have two sterilisers, dr brown and philips. Good thing for dr brown is it dries my stuff quite well compared to philips. For bottles we used dr brown narrow bottles.

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I’m using Baby Express BeFree and Haenim UV sterilizer. (Got second hand good condition @ $100 on Carousell, still going strong after 1 year 😂)


I'm using Autumnz UV steriliser. It includes drying as well. You can check it out on Shopee. Works good and pocket friendly.

haenim is pretty good. there’s an upcoming baby fair in Jan. got mine in the last baby fair and it’s cheaper

2mo ago

haenim is on Lazada, you can check out the price there too