Eczema body wash and moisturizer

Hi mummies, may I know if anyone used this for their LO 9months old. Can they use this? My baby currently using BOYAN I wash prescribed by the PD... But it doesn't seem to work on him well ... Hence, I am trying to find another alternative body wash and moisturizer for him. He has redness spots everywhere on his backs necks and joints... N some on face too . Especially when the humid weather kicks in. I've tried cetaphil baby, qv and aveeno baby wash on him before but doesn't work either. Any best recommendations? He's very fair. Soo it's pretty visible on him! Help!!!!

Eczema body wash and moisturizer
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Hi mummy! I'm still trying to find a good body wash for my baby so I can't advice on that yet. My 3 mth old also has eczema but only on his face, ears and head. PD prescribed him QV moisturiser which I find it hopeless but makes the area more dry and flaky. Bought Aveeno moisturiser and one for the face but find them the same although the one for the face is soothing. And I'm using their wash for both his body and hair which is good! The one on his head seems to dry out and looks way better than before. Only negative is, the smell because the main ingredient is oatmeal. Then I remember I got a free sample of moisturiser here from TAP that is made from Korea and it's really super good! It's called Derma:B CeraMD Repair Lotion. I rub it especially on my baby's ears and it instantly soften that part for hours! You can buy this at Guardian too. Maybe you wanna give it a try?

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Yes no choice cos not every brand are suitable so must trial and error.