Is 11th week too late?

Hi mummies, I just found out I am pregnant today and this is my 2nd pregnancy. My gynae will only be able to see me in mid Jan which is probably around 11th week, isit too late? Should I visit other gynae for first scan at around 7-8th week first then go back to my gynae after that? Thank you. #advicepls #pleasehelp

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i went at 6-8 weeks cos my gynae could only see at 11 wks. end up had a bad scare cos 6th week he say he dont see any yolk sac yet busy searching inside for almost 30 mins. it depends whether u have any pain/bleeding etc. understand the anxiety

3mo ago

No abnormal pain/bleeding but we didn't know we will be expecting so soon so I wasn't on folic acid and have been consuming raw food the first few weeks so I am very worried now. I have made appt with another gynae at 6-7wk! Did you let the gynae/clinic know in advance that you are only there for first check up? And did they run any test for you? Thank you!

Better to visit other gynae to make sure your baby is healthy and safe first, since the first trimester is the crucial period! This is also to assure yourself too!

I would see another gynae first while waiting for the 11th week one as first trimester is very crucial.

I would see another gynae first to check and then go back to the gynae after that