Kkh Dr chua ka hee

Hi mummies, I did my ivf with Dr chua at kkh and am now pregnant. Been under subsidized scheme and the 2 scans and doc appt was really tiring due to the long waiting time. And i might not see the same doc for each visit. But from my next visit, I was told it would be with Dr chua as his patient at clinic B. Does anyone have experience with Dr chua? The other option I am considering is to change to private as I feel they give more detailed explanation. but I am concerned since I did my ivf with kkh. #advicepls #firstbaby #firsttimemom

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go to a gynae u are comfortable with. I conceived with ivf at kkh as well n went to a pte gynae once my ivf was successful and delivered. Once u are pregnant u are just a normal pregnant woman regardless of normal or via ivf.