Gestational diabetes

Hi mummies, I did my glucose test yesterday and found to have GD.. quite worried now, any of you all experienced it before?

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Not sure if mine was gestational or was already diabetic before that. Just a bit of control on the intake and everyting will b ok! They encourage smaller meals and snacks instead of loading all the carbs one shot. Berries became my best friend after i had the GD test done at wk 20. 😂 pricking for almost 2 mths now! Life goes on 😁

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I am experiencing it now. Do cut down on carbs esp rice (no matter white rice or brown rice), sweet and sugary stuff for now. Doctor will ask u do blood test pre n post meal to monitor your blood sugar level. Have to control your diet till the day you give birth. Jiayou.

3y ago

Actually my endo doc said i can still take red or brown. But i didnt coz i c spikes. So i go for only dishes n not rice. So i lost weight in a mth very fast coz of the cut in rice.