Baby 4 months

Hi mummies. Currently my lo is 4 months old and I started to unswaddle her. I realised that she started to move and sleep on her left side. I don't think she can move and sleep at the back unless I move her. I'm afraid of SIDS. What's Ur opinion mummy? Should I continue to swaddle her till she can rollback on her own? My baby now sleep through out the night at least 5 to 6 hrs. #firstbaby #advicepls #1stimemom #worryingmom #1sttime

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she cant roll over yet right? if she cant do that then you dont have to worry. maybe can buy those sleepsack if it makes you feel better

2y ago

Today she decided to flip like twice but not that strong or stable enough. She love turning on her left side compare to the right. So when she turn, she will like pause for a while then try to flip again but if she can't, she will cry. Now I try to swaddle her but I let her hands out since I don't have any sleep sack with me.