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Hi mummies currently im 20 wk 2 days. How much weight should i gained through out the whole pregnancy? Currently now im gaining like 8kg. Is it too much ? Im always concerned w my weight even before pregnancy. I wonder if i should start my 30 min walk everyday. #pleasehelp #firstbaby #1stimemom #pregnancy #advicepls

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Hi, I’m a first time mummy to be too and currently 22wk 5 days. So far I’ve gained 3kg. But I’m on the heavier side before pregnancy, hence try not to overly indulge myself😆 my gynea mentioned after 5th month, ideally increase 2kg till 7th month, and 7-9month 0.5kg per week. And heard from friends and colleagues, they gained abt 4kg-8kg for the first half of their pregnancy, and gained a lot more during the last trimester.

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I have slight diabetic so I'm controlling my diet throughout my pregnancy and I have lost around 6kg but most importantly the baby should gained weight and the gyne when scanned should advise you if the baby is gaining enough. I have then induced cause gyne scare baby too big due to my diebetic condition but turn out she is just nice for natural birth n now a healthy baby.

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I gained 7kg at w20d1. Don’t need to worry about your weight as long as baby is growing fine. You can check with your Gynae on the Progress if you and your baby’s weight during each appt. It’s good to start some slow exercises like walking! For me I have SPD so I can’t even go on walks without hurting anymore :(

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Same as one of the mummy below, i lost weight instead of gaining due to control of diet due to GD. As long as baby is growing healthily i think it shld be ok? My gynae always tells me my baby is on the bigger side.. but it starts to slow down n grow faster again.. he says its still not too bad!


total weight gain is about 8kg for both pregnancy, baby born at 3.045 and 3.1kg both pregnancy I worked till the day of csec, walked and moved a lot 😅

Me, 4-5 kg. Personally I think 8 kg is a little high. But don’t starve yourself! I’m 54kg now, 28 years old.