Haenim 7V v Imani Reviews

Hi mummies, anyone use Haenim 7V or Imani breastpump? Isit worth buying? #advicepls #haenim #breastpump

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Initially I wanted to buy the Imani breastpump. Looks really cool and portable until I saw negatives reviews from a mummy if I'm not wrong she's a blogger? Not sure about that. So apparently the thing about that pump is you can't and don't know how much & how long you've pump since there's no indicator. This part turns me off. I need an indicator since I will be exclusively pumping and it's a hassle if I have to keep peeping to see how much bm I've pumped while busy handling baby. Not sure about Haenim 7V. That particular thing looks really cool to me. Like really sleek. I've read good reviews about this. It's quiet but still need to see if there's any negatives one so I can compare and think twice before purchasing.

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