High amniotic fluid

Hi mummies, anyone of you have been told by your gynae that your amniotic fluid is on the high side? Can share your stories and what to look out for?#pregnancy

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Yes, me. I was under the subsidise route so the gynaes thought I had GD but it was negative. Then thought I had pre-eclampsia which was also negative. I was really heavy but barely put on weight and my tummy was big. I also had very terrible pelvic pain bcos of the pressure and I always walk in pain. Can't remember how many scans I did before it was confirmed that I've high amniotic fluid. My AFI was 25-29. Was told that my waterbag might break early and to prepare for preterm labour which eventually did happen to me. Packed my hospital bag after I got home from that day. Note that this was not my 1st pregnancy so I was looking out for signs of labour like contractions which I normally do with my previous pregnancies. I kept having very frequent braxton hicks but I thought it's just BH. I started to leak at 35w3d and was admitted right away. My pad was always soiled and I also always had to change my hospital attire. Was told to look out signs for smelly or yellowish water discharge which indicates an infection. Had high fever 3 days later bcos I had an infection and I was induced. Gave birth at 35w6d. My baby was affected by the infection and since he was born preterm he was put in the NICU & Special Care Nursery. I was put in High Dependecy Ward after birth but moved to the normal maternity ward the next day. My baby can't be with me so I had to go to NICU & SCN daily to hold him and feed him. There he was put on antibiotics. We stayed for another 5 days before we were given the thumbs up to go home. Gave birth on Feb. My baby is well and healthy today.

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It was a tough journey with him, my rainbow baby. The labour itself was a long story otherwise I will have to go for emergency c-sect if I did not dilate as what gynae's expecting but glad everything was alright. Can't remember but I think when I was at 32 weeks when they noticed? Then I had to re-scan again to confirm the diagnosis. Anyway it's a condition called Polyhydramnios but normally baby will come out fine just that your amniotic fluid is on the high side.