Thomson or mt alvernia cheaper?

Hi mummies can anyone answer whether thomson or mt alvernia cheaper for the total bill? The maternity package not much diff though but i was told by my friend the rough estimation bef delivery at mt alvernia was much lower than its final bill 🤷‍♀️

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Depends on your birth method and room type. Also, for natural whether it’s assisted or with epidural or not. Csect full GA/half, etc etc. Hard to compare 😂. For me, just go with the one that your gynae gives birth at then go online and see their rooms. Choose the one you prefer (if price is ok as well). I gave birth at TMC and I’ve enjoyed the treatments and process during my 2 days stay. Only thing to consider is if you drive. The traffic and parking there is horrendous according to my father (I don’t drive so I’m not affected).

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I'm planning to deliver at tmc as I feel that they're already pretty affordable; but I heard mt alvernia may be more affordable. Plus, parking at tmc is like a warzone...