3.5 month old milk strike?

Hi Mummies, My 3.5 month old has only consumed 240ml of milk since 12am today. She on fully on EBM and today she keeps sucking abit then use her tongue to reject the bottle. Not sure whats going on, or is it the legendary milk strike? Worried😔 How to get her to drink more?

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I had the same issue. And mine went on for about a week. We had to change bottles, teats, and tried cup feeding. The only time my baby will drink is when he’s falling asleep or when he’s asleep during night feeding. He does better when he latches on directly. But when I’m at work, he constantly rejects the bottle. Just make sure there’s enough wet diapers and try a few other ways to feed your baby. Hope this phase will eventually pass!

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Oh man… thats a nightmare my baby also milk/bottle strike during her 3mths and it lasted 1 months! V torturous i hope yours will be over in just a few days! No choice loh. Shorten the feed intervals since baby is not drinking much. Every 2 hrs will try to feed see if she wants. I also changed teats but it didn’t help.

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