1st baby movement

Hi mummies! 2 qns for yall!☺️ May I know how would yall describe the movement of the baby in ur tummy? Im at my 20 weeks and just starting to feel like movement/kicks. At times it’s like a pounding heart sensation or popping bubbles but at times it aches a little more. Is this normal?

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I'm in Week 21 now and started feeling the movement in Week 18. It felt like some sort of fluttering at first and now I would describe it as little pounding (not painful). But however, since week 20/21, at times I could feel the sides of my belly distinctly feel aches/ a little pain esp as I toss in bed (not with the bb movement I feel)... FTM here btw :)

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It felt like tiny little bubbles popping inside me at first and I thought that it was just gas.. it will get stronger as the weeks go by and you’ll definitely recognise it. Baby’s movements and gas actually feel different.

felt like little pounding and waves for me. yes it’s normal

yes, it's totally normal. enjoy the movement! :)