Belching (Reflux problem)

Hello Mummies. My 1-month old has a reflux issue. What’s the best way to help her belch / burp? Thanks #firstbaby #1stTimeDad #1stTimeDaddy #babygirl #burping

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Feed her in a more upright sitting position. Try to burp her twice or thrice during feeds, not just at the end. Put more pressure when patting baby on her back for burping (over the shoulder position will get more and faster burps than the cradling chin position) cz this puts pressure on her tummy to force out the air. Can also try putting baby on ur arms with her legs dangling and u pat her back. Don't lay baby down straight away aft every feed. Continue holding her in an upright position for 15min at least, sometimes my baby will burp himself like this.

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1y ago

Thanks very much