Hospital bag!!

Hey mommies! What do you include in your hospital bag? Im at 30 weeks now, haven’t started packing at all 🥲 Appreciate your help! #1stimemom #pregnancy #advicepls #momcommunity #pleasehelp

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Go light. Only bring the necessary. New set of clothes for you and baby to go home with + booties, mittens, cap & swaddle. Your toiletries. Cardigan/jacket/socks (may get cold at night). HP charger. Breast pad. Only if you have started to leak. Important - Your I/C Baby's carseat if your partner is driving I've given birth 4 times & have never brought along a breast pump cos I directly latched my baby. Also because I always like to go light. Maternity pad, baby's wet wipes and diapers are all provided by the hospital.

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2y ago

which hospital you delivered ?