Post vaginal birth

Hi mommies who did natural birth with epidural, when epidural was wearing off did you feel tingling sensation in your hands and legs? And any water retention?#pleasehelp #advicepls #1stimemom #pregnancy #firstbaby

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halo!! i had tingling sensation. and i cant hold things firmly. seriously "butter fingers" but everything gets well after 2M. so dont worry too much! take care~~

I didn’t feel any for my case. No water retention but damn… the backaches and shoulder aches is no joke 😩

I just gave birth 1week ago and having really bad water retention 😖 started few days ago.

For me very hard to wake up from floor.Feeling like I lost my legs stability

Yes there’s a bit of tingling sensation… no water retention though

Not for me. But the aftermax were bad back aches for me 😭