Itchy Vagina

Hi mommies.. Is it normal to have itchy vagina for 1St trimester #pregnancy .. What causes the itchy vagina? #firstbaby #1stimemom #pleasehelp #pregnancy

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if it comes with yellowish greenish, or white lumpy discharge then it is definitely an infection. it could also be UTI, please let your gynae know and get it checked.

please go see your gynae or kkh (24h). I was told from kkh doc, if the discharge is dark, itchy or smelly, need to go to check.

i had extremely itchy v during 1st tri, no discharge, no smell, nothing. just plain itch

pls go see ur gynae as vagina infection may affect baby.

probably infection. best to check with dr or gynae

pls go see your gynae ASAP